Babies born in Phuong Chau

Topic : 30.000+

After more than 10 years of continuous efforts, Phuong Chau International Hospital has always set itself the mission of bringing happiness to many families.

Up to now, this friendly and safe house has become a reliable choice for tens of thousands of families in provinces and cities in the Mekong Delta region. The proof of that trust is that more than 30,000 healthy babies were born in Phuong Chau. These achievements are both a motivation and a goal for the Phuong Chau team in terms of commitments to their customers.

Looking back at the past, a hospital with a key specialty in Obstetrics and Pediatrics, the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the entire medical team to ensure the safety of not only one but both mother and child. Therefore, for us, accompanying each birth is a responsibility entrusted with all the trust and love of our customer's families. Phuong Chau understands that we need to complete and respond with all our utmost concentration and best efforts. The happiness of "mother having a healthy baby" will become sacred and meaningful, so that women can be cherished, cared for and recovered with the most positive and comfortable experiences.

With all their efforts, Phuong Chau's team of Obstetrics and Pediatrics specialists always tries to protect mother and child from giving birth safely to meet each other in complete happiness.

On the journey to find standard values in health care and safety for mothers and babies, Phuong Chau does not just stop at complying with the country's standards but aims for standards that are of great importance. international.

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