Excellent and safe obstetric and paediatric care according to international standards


At Phuong Chau, safety is the prerequisite and guiding principle for all operational efforts. Phuong Chau aims to provide comprehensive medical care for mothers and babies.

1. Standardize a team of highly qualified professionals according to international standards


Phuong Chau consistently updates knowledge and incorporates the latest techniques, promptly meeting the needs of the times by strategically allocating highly experienced medical personnel directly trained and practiced according to Japanese standards (a healthcare system proud of having the world's lowest maternal mortality rate). As a result, Phuong Chau can perform safe childbirths and effectively treat infertility. Additionally, the Phuong Chau Healthcare Group continually expands specialized collaborations in various clinical fields with major institutions such as the National University Hospital of Singapore (NUH) and modern aesthetic fields with South Korea.


2.  Internationally Modern Infrastructure and Equipment


The Phuong Chau system achieves more accurate diagnoses through the use of state-of-the-art medical equipment. Regular prenatal and postnatal screening to detect diseases early for timely intervention is a focal point of Phuong Chau. This is how we comprehensively safeguard the health of both mothers and newborns.

3.   International Standards: JCI and RTAC


Phuong Chau General Hospital proudly holds the Gold Seal of Approval® from JCI (United States), becoming the first hospital in the Mekong Delta and one of the seven hospitals in Vietnam to achieve this prestigious quality standard. The Gold Seal is a symbol of Phuong Chau's commitment to providing quality and safe patient care. In addition to JCI, Phuong Chau IVF Reproductive Support Center has achieved both JCI and RTAC certifications (reproductive technology quality certification, under the Reproductive Society of Australia and New Zealand). RTAC is evidence of the top-quality reproductive support services provided by Phuong Chau IVF in the Mekong Delta and nationwide.


4.  Team-Based Medical Practice - Ensuring the Highest Safety for Every Mother and Newborn


Team-based medical practice, including doctors, midwives, and nurses, enhances safety in healthcare and medical treatment for both mothers and infants. The medical team collaborates and coordinates seamlessly between Obstetrics and Neonatology to ensure the well-being of both the mother and newborn throughout pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum. Our commitment is to provide optimal treatment methods, ensuring the best physical and mental well-being for our clients.

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