Infection control

The infection control department is organized and implemented according to Circular No. 16/2020/TT-BYT including the following departments: Training - supervision, central sterilization unit, linen processing department and cleaning department. environmental generation. Professional activities focus on proactively preventing hospital infections according to hospital quality criteria of the Ministry of Health and JCI (Joint Commission International) quality standards.
Infection Control - Introduction

Activities of the Infection Control Department

Training activities

Every year, the Infection Control Department develops a theoretical and practical training plan on prevention and infection control with program structure and schedule. Training and post-training evaluation criteria are very specific to ensure that all clinical staff, support staff, customers and customers' relatives can practice the instructions and procedures proficiently. infection prevention and control. 

Monitoring activities

Every year, the Internal Control Department conducts a risk assessment of the risk of infection in the hospital and then develops appropriate prevention programs and surveillance activities.< /p>

  • Monitor common infections: CLABSI, CAUTI, VAP, SSI,...
  • Monitoring the situation of multidrug-resistant bacteria.
  • Monitor construction and repair activities to proactively prevent infections in construction work.
  • Monitor hand hygiene compliance rates.

Central sterilization unit (CSSD)
The CSSD is designed according to the 1-way principle with a ventilation system in 3 areas according to international standards:

  • Utensil washing area: Hepa filter system ensures 12-15 airflow exchange/1 hour, negative pressure.
  • Sterilization instrument packaging and storage area: Hepa filter system ensures 15 air exchange/hour, positive pressure.

CSSD implements instrument management and instrument processing according to the central sterilization model. Equipped with a barcode tool management software system to help manage tools conveniently, closely, accurately and ensure traceability of tools after use for customers according to criteria. by JCI.

CSSD is fully equipped with modern machinery and equipment: Disinfecting machine, ultrasonic washing machine, specialized drying oven, high temperature steamer, autoclave low temperature...

CSSD's goal: provide adequate, timely and quality sterilization tools for Departments/Rooms throughout the Hospital.

Fabric processing activities

Implement management, classification, and handling of items according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health.

The preservation of clean fabrics after treatment is always ensured in closed shelves to avoid dust and dirt after washing.

Environmental sanitation work

Environmental hygiene is always emphasized, ensuring a "Green, Clean, Beautiful" hospital environment.

Environmental cleaning staff are regularly trained on professional procedures and regulations as well as situation handling skills, communication skills IDET, SBAR Q, …

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