Paraclinical tests have been widely popularized, applying many new and modern achievements, giving early and accurate results, playing an important role in detecting, diagnosing, treating and predicting disease.
At Phuong Nam Hospital, testing has developed in a customer-centric direction, compassionate service and a professional combination of expertise and modern technology, helping clinicians make accurate diagnoses. not only to treat the disease promptly but also to predict the risk of disease early.
Testing - Introduction

Technical Department of Laboratory Testing

The Laboratory Department is one of the Paraclinical departments responsible for:

  • Implement testing techniques in hematology, biochemistry, and microbiology, contributing to improving the quality of disease diagnosis and monitoring treatment results. 
  • Perform hematology, blood transfusion, biochemistry, immunology, and microbiology tests to meet the hospital's medical examination and treatment requirements.
  • Providing blood and safety of blood transfusion for emergency and hospital patients.

Modern equipment of the Laboratory Department

1. Cobas 6000 immunochemistry system

On the Cobas 6000 testing system, 2 modules are implemented:

  • Module c 501: Clinical biochemical tests, Electrolytes: K+, Na+, Cl, Homogeneous biochemical tests, HbA1c measurement with whole blood, Ethanol, Cholinesterase enzyme. This module operates with a capacity of 500 tests/hour with 60 actual access test channels, automatic reagent replacement while in operation, non-contact ultrasonic mixing, and also detects blood clots.
  • Module e 601: Immunoassay for most cancer markers, early detection in diagnosis; Pro BNP,Troponin T and other cardiovascular markers; over 50 tests for anemia; cancer imprint; Hormones;  Infectious Diseases. This module has a capacity of 170 tests/hour, direct access to 25 tests, disposable tip to avoid cross-contamination and detect blood clots.

2. XN-1000 total blood cell analyzer

SYSMEX XN-1000 is a comprehensive automated hematology analyzer, providing high performance and accuracy, the machine can perform analysis of a variety of hematology tests at the same time such as: red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets,...

Sysmex XN-1000 is an important testing system in the hematology field for laboratories, helping to improve the quality of results for maximum support in patient care.
3. Blood coagulation testing machine T411

The Cobas T-411 system marks the beginning of a new age in the field of coagulation, providing maximum flexibility and efficiency for laboratories with a fully automated system.< br />

4. ACL TOP 350 CTS coagulation testing machine

Automation of coagulation tests

5. Cobas U-411 urine machine system

The Cobas U-411 urine analyzer is an intuitive and effective, high-quality urine analysis solution that provides safe, accurate results.

6. Labconn software system 

Information management is used professionally in the laboratory, helping to optimize storage and management capabilities as well as minimize the time to return results to customers, always putting the customer at the center of all activities in the medical field.

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