Insurance services

insurance services at Phuong Nam hospital

Phuong Nam Hospital constantly improves so that customers have great experiences, including supporting customers with direct billing service with a network of local and international partners. 

If your insurance service provider is in the system of companies cooperating with direct payment with Phuong Nam, We will contact and accept payment directly from the insurance company, helping customers feel more secure when coming for medical examination and treatment at Phuong Nam.

We aim for: Concise and convenient procedures - Transparent and accurate information - Quick and optimal answers insurance benefits 

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If you need information or support, do not hesitate to contact Phuong Nam Hospital's Customer Care Department

Guide to guarantee insurance

Phuong Nam Hospital would like to thank you for your interest in our medical services. Currently, Phuong Nam cooperates with insurance companies to provide customers with the convenience of paying hospital fees directly with the insurance company.

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