Service From The Heart, Compassion In Every Touch


At Phuong Chau, every customer is a family member for us to care for with warmth and precision. Phuong Chau healthcare staff always put themselves in the shoes of each customer – observing, paying attention, empathizing, and understanding every need, no matter how small.


Phuong Chau invests in the best for service, from international standards like JCI, RTAC, to meticulously chosen infrastructure and equipment, well-trained individuals, and the inspiration of a Compassionate Service culture. All of these aspects aim at the overarching goal of providing safety, peace of mind, privacy, and comfort to make the healthcare journey for customers smoother.


Every customer choosing to accompany Phuong Chau will experience excellence in every moment, from the care of doctors and nurses to the dedication of each staff member, from every nutritious meal to every good night's sleep. The philosophy of Compassionate Service has become the culture of Phuong Chau, where every customer can feel safe, secure, and satisfied.


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