The journey of an infertile couple to find their child


The road to conquering the dream of becoming parents is full of hardships and challenges for infertile couples that can create many psychological injuries such as stress, depression, anxiety, despair...

Facing infertility is a difficult and tiring experience for anyone in this world. Because infertility is not simply a health problem but it also deeply affects daily life, economic status, social relationships and especially psychological health. the spirit of the sufferer.

What is the impact of infertility?

Psychological impact: Most people entering a married relationship want to have children, and if that dream does not come true, it can lead to psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, and despair. frustration and mental stress as well as feelings of resentment, loneliness, regret, grief and jealousy. The difficulty of getting pregnant and dealing with pressure from family and society also brings a lot of pain to women. Especially in Vietnam, people often believe that women are the main cause of infertility. Besides, men will also encounter similar psychological problems when facing infertility.

Relationship impact: Marital instability is one of the most common challenges that come with infertility. Blaming each other, lack of support and lack of acceptance affects marital life, which can wreak havoc on the relationship of infertile couples. Not only that, infertility also negatively affects other relationships because sometimes patients will isolate themselves from people to avoid situations that remind them of the pain of their children.

Impact on physical intimacy: The stress and anxiety caused by infertility can affect relationships and even sexual experiences, making it difficult to conceive naturally and at the same time can make the quality of infertility treatment less effective.

Social issues: For current Vietnamese society, the issue of infertility is a social issue rather than a biological issue. The lack of awareness of those around can affect how a person receives this news. In many cases, a diagnosis of infertility can trigger disagreements with parents-in-law, threats of abandonment, stigma, discrimination and even physical and mental violence.

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