Birth package

Deluxe Birth Package

Premium birth package at Phuong Nam Hospital combined with a Deluxe one-bed inpatient room. The birth package includes a full range of prenatal, intrapartum and postpartum medical care services for both mother and baby.

  • Obstetricians perform antenatal check-ups and carry out a set of medical procedures (tests, ultrasound scans, cardiotocography, electrocardiography) to monitor the mother's health before childbirth.
  • Medical services for mothers include obstetrician-assisted delivery/surgery, prenatal care, intrapartum care, and postpartum care provided in a hospital setting.
  • Medical services for babies include inpatient care, vaccinations, newborn screening, hearing screening, and congenital heart disease screening.
  • Post-discharge services for mothers include gynecological examinations, abdominal ultrasound scans, and bilateral breast ultrasound scans.
  • Basic medication and medical supplies are provided during both vaginal and cesarean deliveries.
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Services for Mothers:

  • VIP Birthing Service
  • Postpartum basin steaming therapy
  • Steam therapy
  • Herbal foot soaking
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Herbal hair wash
  • Plasma therapy bed care (for normal deliveries)
  • Postpartum psychological screening and depression screening
  • Postpartum nutritional examination and consultation

Services for Babies:

  • Baby massage
  • Newborn screening [blood] (73 diseases)
  • Ear piercing (for baby girls)
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  • Welcome Drink
  • Main nutritious meal + supplementary meal for mother - Standard
  • Meal for relatives
  • Minibar
  • Evening baby care support
  • Guidance and support for breastfeeding
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  • Delivery Combo
  • Exclusive Hospital Brand Gift Package (7 items)
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Phuong Nam Hospital - Member of Phuong Chau Healthcare Group is the top choice for reproductive care and life-cycle medical care for mother and baby. We bring together a team of leading professionals including obstetricians and gynecologists, anesthesiologists, neonatologists, highly qualified pediatricians. The nursing staff and midwives receive direct practical training according to international standards of Japan and the United States; Phuong Chau Healthcare Group continuously expands professional cooperation with Singapore, Korea,...

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