RTAC quality standards for reproductive support from Australia and New Zealand


On December 15, 2022, Phuong Chau - Can Tho IVF Fertility Support Unit of Phuong Chau Medical Group became the first and only unit in the Mekong Delta to meet RTAC Quality Standards for support reproduction.

Being the first infertility unit in the Mekong Delta to achieve prestigious RTAC and JCI certification. IVF Phuong Chau has officially achieved two prestigious accreditation standards in the world at the same time: hospital quality standards (JCI) and separate quality standards for Reproductive Assistance (RTAC).

RTAC is the abbreviation of the English word "Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee", roughly translated as the Committee for Quality Accreditation of Reproductive Technology, belonging to the Fertility Society of Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ - Fertility Society of Australia and New Zealand). ).

The RTAC Committee has developed and evaluated this set of standards to set out the essential requirements and good practices that Centers performing Assisted Reproductive Technology (HTSS) should meet, in order to promote innovation. Continuous quality of infertility treatment helps ensure safety and effectiveness in treatment for customers.


Press conference IVF Phuong Chau achieved RTAC certification

To achieve RTAC certification, Fertility Support Units must satisfy all requirements of the RTAC criteria set (international version 2018), including 12 main standards (essential standards) and 7 criteria. standards of good practice.


RTAC experts are evaluating quality criteria at IVF Phuong Chau

This is an achievement as well as a commitment to IVF Phuong Chau's strong and unremitting efforts in constantly strengthening the system, improving service quality and treatment efficiency, aiming for high standards. Most importantly, contribute:

  • Provide effective physical and mental care through general examination of infertility issues and accompanying diseases, and combine assessment, screening and counseling for psychological disorders (if any). ), helps customers achieve comprehensive health to improve their chances of success when entering the treatment process.
  • Create trust for customers through constantly reviewing, improving the success rate and maintaining it at a stable level.
  • Control possible risks to customers as well as their embryos and gametes by standardizing each stage of the treatment process and perfecting the unit's quality management system.
  • Meet customer needs beyond expectations through continuous training, maintaining and improving the professional capacity and service attitude of medical staff.
  • Satisfy customers' expectations by always listening, recording and appropriately resolving their sincere feedback for IVF Phuong Chau.

The desire to accompany couples on their journey to find children and turn their dreams into reality is always one of the great motivations that help us - Phuong Chau IVF Team to constantly strive every day. , rising to an international level to meet customer expectations and trust.


Warm, family-like handshakes seem to add great strength to mothers on their journey to find their children.