Excellent Breastfeeding Hospital


On the morning of January 8, 2020, Phuong Chau International Hospital was honored to receive the title "EXCELLENT BREASTFEEDING PRACTICE HOSPITAL". This initiative is implemented by the Ministry of Health, Provincial Departments of Health with support from Alive & Thrive and the Irish Embassy.

Alive & Thrive (Feed & Thrive, A&T) is a global nutrition initiative that saves lives, prevents disease, and ensures the healthy development of mothers and children. From 2009 to 2014, A&T implemented intervention models and demonstrated that rapid improvements in nutritional care for infants and young children are possible in very diverse regions including Ethiopia, Bangladesh, and Vietnam.

In addition to international cooperation and scientific research, we focus on promoting the role of hospital quality management and aiming for JCI international standards in our development roadmap. The title "EXCELLENT BREASTFEEDING PRACTICE HOSPITAL" will be the driving force to help the hospital increasingly improve its comprehensive reproductive health care value chain for Phuong Chau customers in particular and the community. by the Mekong River in general.

Some images in the program: