JCI Gold Seal for hospital quality standards and patient safety from the United States


To be able to best care for their patients, one of the important factors that helps hospitals control safety and operate effectively is quality management. All efforts are aimed at focusing on putting patients at the center, so quality management is increasingly focused and becomes a thorough activity of hospitals.

In today's world, measuring hospital quality and controlling safety in treatment can follow many reputable sets of standards. In particular, JCI (Joint Commission International) international standards are considered the gold standard in quality management that every hospital wishes to achieve. 

So what is JCI?

JCI is a US hospital quality accreditation organization. This is an organization that brings together the world's leading experts in medicine and administration, providing and evaluating quality standards for international hospitals. JCI is a guarantee for the quality of medical services that meet the world's most stringent standards (300 standards and more than 1,200 measurement criteria). In particular, the core ideology and difference of JCI is to put the patient at the center, promoting absolute patient safety. This is completely consistent with the criteria that have been and are being emphasized at Phuong Chau International Hospital.

On September 24, 2022, Phuong Chau International Hospital - Can Tho of Phuong Chau Medical Group was officially named on the world JCI map , becoming the first hospital in the Mekong Delta and among the top 6 The hospital in Vietnam achieved the prestigious JCI certification at that time.

The event marked an important milestone during nearly 12 years of Phuong Chau's leadership in quality management in the Mekong Delta region.

JCI is the abbreviation for Joint Commission International, a non-profit organization headquartered in Chicago, Illinois (USA). The JCI standards set includes: 13 chapters, 281 standards, 1197 measurement elements, 162 policies and procedures.

To be recognized as meeting JCI quality standards, medical facilities must comply synchronously from professional processes to operations, on risks such as fire prevention, fall prevention, disaster prevention, and other standards. Clinical standards from the moment the patient registers at the hospital until the patient is discharged and how to care for them at home.

Accordingly, the outstanding practical benefits that JCI brings to patients are:

+ Be assured of treatment with strict safety criteria
+ Experience care and treatment services according to international standards at a reasonable cost
+ Personal privacy is respected
+ Closely protected against the risks of medical infections
+ Be prevented and protected against risks and urgent problems


5 practical benefits that JCI brings to patients


Quality management activities at Phuong Chau International Hospital

Since 2018, Phuong Chau International Hospital has applied the JCI standards for all hospital operations. "We are not afraid to start, because only continuous improvement will help the system become more and more standardized and operate smoothly, with better coordination and better cohesion" - Leader of Phuong Chau International Hospital shared.

Efforts to serve the community

Patient safety culture is at the heart of all efforts at Phuong Chau International Hospital. Every patient and pregnant woman who comes to Phuong Chau is cared for according to standard procedures from expertise to customer service. From risk management during surgery, medication use, to daily meals, patients receive the most standard care.

All of them, from the hospital leadership to the professional sector including doctors, nurses, midwives, technicians and operations, even cleaning staff, chefs, and security teams. , environment... must also constantly strive and synchronously comply with JCI's strict standards. From awareness to daily work practice, they must also follow the procedures issued under JCI. All those efforts are not only to affirm the hospital's brand reputation. Above all, it is a commitment to ensuring patient safety and providing quality medical services worthy of the community.

A professional discussion by doctors at Phuong Chau International Hospital

The journey is not easy if you want to conquer JCI, forcing the general medical quality and patient safety control process to be continuously enhanced and improved. Therefore, JCI certified hospitals are very special. This process requires outstanding staff and facilities. What's more special is that no one is forced to follow the JCI journey, but it is completely voluntary on the part of a hospital group that puts quality and patient safety first.

JCI's ambition does not stop at achieving this prestigious certification. Achieving JCI certification is a solid stepping stone for Phuong Chau team to reach out to the ocean and integrate deeper into the world healthcare industry. Having another JCI-certified hospital will open up another opportunity to improve the development of the regional and national healthcare system. People at home and abroad will have another option for treatment at an international standard hospital without having to go abroad. That also contributes to the solution of the problem of "foreign currency bleeding" - a very hot problem recently.