Service from the heart, compassion in every touch


With Phuong Chau, each customer is a relative that we care for and serve with enthusiasm and meticulousness. Phuong Chau medical staff always puts themselves in the shoes of each customer - keeping an eye, paying attention and paying attention, sympathizing and understanding even the smallest need.

Phuong Chau always invests in the best things to serve, from international standards such as JCI, RTAC, to seriously selected facilities and equipment, and people who are trained and inspired by culture. Transforming Compassionate Service.

All of this is aimed at the great goal of bringing safety, peace of mind, privacy and comfort to help customers' health care journey become easier.

Each customer who chooses to accompany Phuong Chau will be provided with an excellent experience in every moment, from the kindness of doctors and nurses to the dedication of each employee, from each nutritious meal to every good night's sleep.

The philosophy of Serving From the Heart has become Phuong Chau's culture, where every customer can be safe, secure and satisfied.