Excellent and safe obstetric and pediatric care according to international standards


At Phuong Chau, safety is the prerequisite and guiding principle for all operational efforts. Phuong Chau aims to provide comprehensive medical care for mothers and babies.

1. Standardize a team of highly qualified professionals according to international standards

Phuong Chau always updates the latest knowledge and techniques, promptly meeting the needs of the times by properly arranging experienced medical personnel who have been directly trained in practice according to Japanese standards. (a healthcare system that boasts the world's lowest perinatal mortality rate).

Thanks to that, Phuong Chau can perform safe births and effectively treat infertility. In addition, Phuong Chau Medical Group is constantly expanding professional cooperation in many clinical fields with large facilities such as Singapore National University Hospital (NUH), fields of modern cosmetic industry. with Korea.

2. Modern international facilities and equipment

Phuong Chau system diagnoses more accurately thanks to the use of the most modern medical equipment. Regular pre- and post-natal screening to detect diseases early for timely treatment is a focus of Phuong Chau. This is how we comprehensively protect the health of pregnant women and newborns.

3. JCI and RTAC international standards

Phuong Chau International Hospital is proud to achieve the JCI Gold Quality Seal ® (USA), becoming the first hospital in the Mekong Delta and one of 7 hospitals in Vietnam to achieve this prestigious quality standard. . The Golden Seal is a symbol that reflects Phuong Chau's commitment to providing quality and safe patient care services.

In addition to JCI, Phuong Chau IVF Fertility Center also achieved both JCI and RTAC certifications (certification of quality in reproductive techniques, belonging to the Australian and New Zealand Fertility Association). RTAC is a testament to the top quality of reproductive support of IVF Phuong Chau in the Mekong Delta and the whole country.

4. Synchronized group medical practice - bringing the highest safety to each mother and each born baby

Practicing medicine in a team of doctors, midwives and nurses helps improve the safety of medical care and treatment for mother and baby.

The medical professional team supports and coordinates synchronously between Obstetrics and Pediatrics to ensure "a healthy mother and baby" even before, during and after labor. We always remember to provide optimal treatment methods, bringing the best physical and mental health to our customers.