Comprehensive, lifelong health care for women and their families


With the mission of serving women for life, Phuong Chau is proud to own a medical ecosystem that combines Obstetrics - Gynecology, Pediatrics, Neonatology, Infertility - IVF and General Medicine. With many specialized specialties, Phuong Chau is ready to take on an important role in interdisciplinary consultation and treatment with a closely linked process, fully supporting reproductive health issues of women and their families. family.

In each stage of a woman's life, she has different health care needs. At Phuong Chau, this mission of service is raised to new heights by fully and comprehensively developing an ecosystem targeting each stage of women's development.

Phuong Chau provides comprehensive support for parenthood for couples expecting children through infertility counseling and application of fertility treatment methods according to international standards. Continuing, we accompany women from pregnancy to childbirth, from birth to adulthood and beyond.

Aiming for a friendly medical system that always accompanies women customers, Phuong Chau not only cares about physical health but also takes care of their mental health, relieving insecurities and worries, so that people can Women are more confident, independent and happier in life.