Contribution to the development of Vietnam's healthcare industry


Phuong Chau is a clinical practice based on evidence-based medicine, always placing professional development as the focus of development efforts. We aim to create many modern, convenient medical services, shortening geographical distances in health care. From there, we will improve the quality of medical care throughout the region to bring a healthy and secure life to people in the region and the whole country.

1. Clinical practice according to evidence-based medicine

Scientific research activities, scientific reports, and training of professional staff are always placed as the foundation of Phuong Chau's activities.

With the spirit of "knowledge is sharing", Phuong Chau strives to contribute to the development of Vietnam's healthcare system by regularly organizing scientific conferences for delegates across the country, creating opportunities to meet Collect the latest medical knowledge and promote scientific research.

2. Shorten the distance for examination and treatment for people nationwide

Phuong Chau aims for the hospital to not only be a place for examination and treatment, but to become a place to improve the health of local people through various forms of health examination and screening, and widely share knowledge about Medical knowledge in disease prevention.

For us, achieving JCI certification is a new beginning in our mission of bringing international standard values to serve the community and contribute to the development of healthcare nationwide. From now on, people in the Mekong Delta and the whole country have more options to receive safe medical care according to international standards, with high-class facilities, and standard customer experience without having to pay. move long distances or go abroad.

Phuong Chau International Hospital has received the trust and confidence of JCI through a strict inspection process. Customers can be assured of safety, quality and expertise when coming to Phuong Chau, where the infrastructure, quality of medical examination and treatment, service culture, and medical services have been certified at the same level. within reach of leading hospitals in the world.