Normal birth and great benefits for mother and baby

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This article is advised by BS. CKII. Le Chi Cong, Head of the Department of Emergency Obstetrics and Gynecology and Delivery Room, Phuong Chau International Hospital
Giving birth is a vocation that any woman will experience in her life. As the due date approaches, every pregnant mother is excited to welcome her baby. Besides, many women are also very worried about the obsession called... labor pain. Childbirth is a very special pain. Many women who are pregnant for the first time are often very scared and wonder if they can overcome this pain? Because of that fear, many pregnant women decide to choose a cesarean section. However, obstetricians advise pregnant mothers to choose natural birth if possible because of the great benefits it brings.

Normal birth brings many great benefits for mother and baby

1. What is normal birth?

Normal birth (also known as natural birth) is a form of vaginal birth without the support of birth aids. The mother goes into labor because the cervix dilates, opens and shortens slowly. Uterine contractions appear with increasingly faster, regular and strong frequency. This helps the baby's head move gradually toward the vaginal opening. After the mother's pushing, the baby was officially born.

2. Great benefits of normal birth for both mother and baby

For mothers:

  •  Recover health after giving birth early
  • Short hospital stay
  • SNormal birth helps the uterus contract better. This reduces postpartum blood loss and limits the risk of lochia
  • Less blood loss: usually 50 - 200ml
  • Risk of infection is low
  • Mothers have early contact with children, helping to bond more between mother and child
  • Breastfeeding your baby early helps increase milk production sooner
  • The future of obstetrics and surgery is better

For babies:

  •  The baby's chest is compressed when passing through the vagina, so the fluid in the lungs is squeezed out better, limiting the risk of respiratory diseases.
  • Have skin-to-skin contact with the mother and breastfeed sooner
  • Being exposed to beneficial bacteria in the mother's vagina helps strengthen the baby's immune system and protect the intestines.
  • Not affected by drugs that may be used during surgery

Image of a baby born square and round by normal birth method in Phuong Chau

3. What are the disadvantages of natural birth?

For mothers:

  • Labor
  • Vaginal and perineal lacerations cause pain in the perineum and vagina after giving birth
  • Urinary incontinence may occur when coughing or straining
  • Can make hemorrhoids worse
  • Psychological effects after giving birth

For babies:

During normal birth, the baby can be injured in cases where the mother has a difficult birth such as a large baby with a shoulder stuck, assisted birth with an instrument, etc.

4. When is a pregnant woman advised to give birth naturally?

Depending on the mother's condition during labor, the doctor will decide which birth method is appropriate. Indications for normal birth are performed when there are no obstacles during the birth process such as:

  • A mother in good health ensures she can push and breathe to provide oxygen and nutrients to the baby during labor
  • There are no obstacles on the way through the vagina during birth such as previa, narrow pelvis, etc.
  • The fetus is healthy enough: no umbilical cord prolapse, no fetal distress,...
  • The fetus is not too large (< 4000 grams)

5. Advice for pregnant mothers preparing to give birth naturally

Some tips for pregnant mothers to keep in mind before giving birth:

  • You should move around and avoid lying in one place
  • Shower clean
  • Eat foods that are easy to digest
  • Practice breathing properly
  • Prepare mentally
  • Follow your medical staff's instructions throughout labor

6. Safe, painless birth according to Japanese Standards

At Phuong Chau, we apply therapies to help pregnant women experience safe and pain-relieving vaginal birth according to Japanese standards. Those therapies include:

  • Sit in the ball
  • Massage, back rub
  • Press the Tam Yin Giao acupressure point
  • Instructions on how to push for birth
  • Instructions for changing positions throughout labor
  • Friendly birth room, where relatives accompany you through labor

With all her efforts, Phuong Chau always wants to give families the best things. Doctors will always accompany pregnant women to choose the most suitable and safest birth method. Therefore, if a cesarean section is not indicated, let the baby come into this world naturally, mothers.