Hospital quality management


The first hospital in the Mekong Delta to receive the prestigious JCI gold seal certification

On September 24, 2022, Phuong Chau International Hospital - Can Tho was officially named on the JCI world map JCI world map. The event marked an important milestone during nearly 12 years of Phuong Chau's leadership in quality management in the Mekong Delta region.

With JCI certification, Phuong Chau International Hospital - Can Tho (established in 2010) of Phuong Chau Medical Group has become the first hospital in the Mekong Delta and among the top 6 hospitals in Vietnam to achieve the prestigious certification. JCI.

In September 2022, Phuong Chau International Hospital officially achieved the JCI Quality Gold Seal

Phuong Chau International Hospital - Can Tho has gone through the process of surveying, evaluating, and interviewing medical staff and doctors participating in daily professional activities about professional processes, operations, and behaviors. handling emergency situations, safety control processes in the system, how to collect data to have dashboards on measurement indicators to serve the improvement and improvement of service quality. The appraisal took place over 4 days (from September 20 - 23) by medical experts from JCI (USA), appraisers with extensive experience from the US.

JCI is the abbreviation for Joint Commission International, a non-profit organization headquartered in Chicago, Illinois (USA). The JCI standards set includes: 13 chapters, 281 standards, 1197 measurement elements, 162 policies and procedures.

To be recognized as meeting JCI quality standards, medical facilities must comply synchronously from professional processes to operations, on risks such as fire prevention, fall prevention, disaster prevention, and other standards. Clinical standards from the moment the patient registers at the hospital until the patient is discharged and how to care for them at home. 

12 years of building hospital quality standards

Since officially coming into operation in 2010, Phuong Chau's hospital quality management has pioneered many activities and affirmed its leading position in the Mekong Delta region:

  • Is the first hospital in the city. Can Tho has a quality management system certification according to ISO 9001:2008 standards recognized by two organizations UKAS (UK) and RvA (Netherlands).
  • Leading in scores of 83 hospital quality criteria in Can Tho City for many consecutive years
  • Being one of the first hospitals to implement 6 patient safety criteria (under JCI)
  • Achieving 100% patient satisfaction for 3 consecutive years (according to a survey by the Department of Health of Can Tho City during annual reviews of 83 hospital quality criteria)
  • The goal of building and conquering international quality standards such as: JCI, RTAC...

Continuing our mission for a safer healthcare community

Achieving JCI certification is a new beginning for the entire staff at Phuong Chau International Hospital in the mission of bringing international standard values to serve the community and contribute to the development of healthcare nationwide.

From now on, people in the Mekong Delta and the whole country have more options to receive safe medical care according to international standards, with high-class facilities, and standard customer experience without having to travel far. Ho Chi Minh City or abroad.

Phuong Chau Medical Group is present in Can Tho, Sa Dec, Soc Trang and in the future will be present in many other places and cities across the country. With the operating process synchronization program, JCI has helped deploy synchronization and safety control in places where Phuong Chau is present.

In the future, the goal of Phuong Chau Group is to attach the entire JCI gold seal according to Phuong Chau's name throughout the system.