Cosmetic Surgery


La Foret Phuong Chau cosmetic surgery center is a combination of Phuong Chau and Korean cosmetic surgery center La Foret. The center was established based on advanced and modern medical service technology along with a 100% team of highly skilled and experienced doctors from Korea to provide customers with the highest quality and safe beauty service.

- The first hospital with 100% of doctors from Korea

- Directly consulted and operated by Korean doctors

- Doctors certified to practice in Vietnam by the Ministry of Health

- Modern and absolutely sterile operating room system

- A team of internal medicine and surgical doctors is ready to consult, examine and support in case of need

- Team of professional anesthesiologists

- Carry out all necessary tests before surgery to ensure customer safety

Introducing aesthetics



- Aesthetic plastic surgery expert - Dr. Doo Yang Lee has many years of experience in cosmetic surgery in Korea and has been certified by the Ministry of Health. issue practice certificates in Vietnam.

- He used to be a professor directly teaching at a Korean university, and a typical member of the Korean cosmetic surgery association for many years. .

- With the motto of providing the best quality of service, we guarantee safety in each service. When coming to La Foret Phuong Chau cosmetic center, customers will feel completely confident and comfortable with dedicated care procedures before and after surgery. Besides, we also use safe anesthesia methods to help minimize pain, giving customers the most comfortable feeling.


Team of doctors at La Foret Phuong Chau Center


PhD.BS. Doo Yang Lee provides cosmetic consultation to customers at La Foret Phuong Chau


A. Eye surgery

Double eyelid surgery is the most popular surgery in Asia today.

B. Different eye surgery methods at LA FORET PHUONG CHAU include:

- Eyelid surgery using the non-cutting method

- Eyelid surgery using the partial cutting method

- Eyelid surgery using the total excision method

- Eyelid surgery by cutting the eye tail/eye tip

- Eyelid surgery combined with treatment of squinty/droopy eyelids

- Upper eyelid cosmetic surgery

- Lower eyelid cosmetic surgery

- Dark eye surgery

- Re-eyelid surgery

- Eye bag surgery

- Raise eyebrows

C. Nose surgery

Many women today want to have a high and prominent nose like Western women. However, the most important thing in nose surgery is to reshape the nose to match the appearance and increase harmony and balance on the face.

D. Nose surgery methods at La Foret Phuong Chau:

- Surgery for low nose

- Surgery for hump nose

- Surgery for short nose

- Surgery for curved nose

- Surgery for round nose

- Nose tip surgery

- Rhinoplasty with silicone

- Nose tip surgery with ear cartilage

- Injecting fillers

- Autologous fat grafting

- Narrow the nose wings (not cut)

- Narrow the nostrils (cut)

- Nose edge augmentation surgery

E. Liposuction surgery

Many people have good health and a reasonable exercise regimen but still have unbalanced lines due to the accumulation of fat in the body. Liposuction slims and reshapes a certain part of the body by removing unnecessary fat, improving contours and balancing body proportions. Doctors will evaluate body proportions through scientifically based measurements to find the most suitable surgical method, then proceed with liposuction.

F. Liposuction services at La Foret Phuong Chau:

- Thigh liposuction

- Abdominal liposuction

- Arm liposuction

- Autologous fat injection

- Tummy tuck + Liposuction

- Tummy tuck

G. Breast augmentation surgery

Many people choose breast augmentation surgery because their breasts do not develop, their breasts are small due to genetics, especially the change in breast size after pregnancy and breastfeeding. breastfeeding. There are also many women who feel relatively satisfied with their breasts, but still want to make them rounder and fuller. Implant surgery is the method chosen by many customers to increase the size and change the shape of the breasts.

H. Breast augmentation method at La Foret Phuong Chau:

- Saline implant

- Gel implant

- Teardrop implant

- Reduce bust

- Nipple retraction surgery

I. Facial surgery

When performing cosmetic surgery, most of us think of facial features such as eyes and nose. However, thanks to advances in technology, correction of facial contours has been made possible. Facial contouring, also known as facial bone surgery, can augment and or modify the jaw, cheekbones, chin and forehead to meet a client's needs. Facial contours play an important role in creating a woman's appearance

K. Facial surgery methods at La Foret Phuong Chau:

- Lower cheekbones

- Lower jaw bone

- Adjust short chin structure

- Creates a V-line jawbone

- Forehead surgery

L. Remove wrinkles

- Face lift surgery

- 3D stretch method

- Gold running technology tightens facial skin

- Forehead lift

M. Other surgeries

- Dimple surgery

- Lip surgery

- Botox injection

- Filler injection

- Aesthetic scars caused by cesarean section

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